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by Reiki Master Bruno

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Tarot O Magico

Psychic Tarot- as the name implies consultation of Tarot but with an asset to be with a Psychic where the messages from the spiritual field will be revealed resulting in more information and a wider vision of the issue, you can also receive a message from your Guardian Angel.

I have Psychic Ability and Clairaudient  abilities since a very young age, In the pursuit to understand and develop this gift was very fortunate to find a mentor with over 30 years experience who pass me a lot of knowledge and teachings, have then develop my own methods and techniques and studied further, have become a member of the college of Psychic Studies in London (world class college in this field founded in 1884) and attended many courses.

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What are our clients saying about Tarot


The Gift

You cannot be taught what Bruno has "it's a Gift"given to him by Spirit to help the many people out there suffering or in turmoil over their life's direction. Many thanks Bruno for your uplifting open sight full reading.

Keep doing what you meant to be doing Helping people. God Bless! X 


Excellent, 1st class reading, Bruno dived in right to the situation without any prior knowledge. Many thanks for the excellent advice, clarity and insight! 


Phoned Bruno asking if it was a good time to have a baby as my husband kept insisting but I wanted to enjoy our time alone a little longer as we were only married for 3 months.

I was shocked when you told me that he was cheating on me but I dismissed it and didn't pay much attention only, until 3 days later that thought crossed my mind and I took half day holiday at work. When got home he was with her in my bed!!!

Thanks for the eye opener better find now than later with kids.

All the best for you Bruno


Great reading, things start happening just like you said, Amazing.

definitively contacts with Spirit, I am amazed.

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I have experienced everything that Bruno predicted.

World class Psychic, he is on top of his field.


I have had many readings in the past but Bruno is the real deal.

Things started happening as predicted.

Bruno is my personal psychic from now on


Bruno was very reassuring about a situation I was going through

Thanks to his help I managed to resolve it

Eternally Grateful


Thanks you to the Wonderful Bruno 

You always bring me peace, the readings are and you always resolve my doubts.