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Life is Good,Feel Good

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About me

My name is Bruno and I am a fully insured Reiki Master and a Psychic Tarot reader


I have discovered Reiki when a member of my family was going through chemotherapy because of breast cancer, I was amazed with the benefits in coping with the side effects and also the benefits on the mental aspect.

I then studied Reiki and become a certified Reiki Master.

I have helped many people with all different Mind, Body and Soul issues and the feedback I have received has been incredible.

The treatment consists of 45-50 min of Reiki and 10-15 min for consultation.

Come for a Reiki Session and clear any negative energies that are preventing you from achieving your full potential in Life.

Feel Good.

 *DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) Certified

*Member of the Reiki Healing Association

Psychic Tarot Reader

Psychic Tarot- as the name implies consultation of Tarot but with an asset to be with a Psychic where the messages from the spiritual field will be revealed resulting in more information and a wider vision of the issue, you can also receive a message from your Guardian Angel.

I have Psychic Ability and Clairaudient abilities since a very young age, In the pursuit to understand and develop this gift was very fortunate to find a mentor with over 30 years experience who pass me a lot of knowledge and teachings, have then develop my own methods and techniques and studied further, have become a member of the college of Psychic Studies in London (world class college in this field founded in 1884) and attended many courses.

Any issues you going through I am capable of helping

Book your session today to Connect with the Guide you need to improve your life.

Life Coach

 I was led into life coaching by some of my clients and friends that saw their life improve with my guidance and organically things developed in that direction, which I hope it will be of use to you too.

What is my Methodology?

It is all that Life Coaching offers and more, it’s a method that does not follow a script or a set of rules because everyone and every situation is different and therefore there isn’t a magic formula fit for all, it’s a set of strategies that will be tailored specially for you, aimed to improve all areas of your life, specially your emotional side, as emotions are the root cause most our struggles. It all starts in the mind. Mastering this is a great starting point, removing blockages and adopting a new mindset it’s the first step to help you achieve your goals, weather is getting ahead in your work life, help you make a relationship work or even figuring out what you want.

If you choose to work with me, it will be a team effort, a commitment focused journey, in which I will be with you every step of the way. Because life happens between sessions, I will be on the other side of the phone ready to assist you if you need me.

I offer a Free first assessment session ( 15 minutes) so you and I can figure out if we click,

What to expect from the sessions; Depending on your needs we can work with one or all methods to bring the best results, this can Include:

-Energy clearing -Removing blockages -Working on a new positive mindset -Breaking patterns that no longer serve you -Motivation -Goal Setting -Healing -Support -Counselling - A friendly yet professional someone you can talk about everything and who will genuinely listen to You.