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About me

My name is Bruno and I am a fully insured Reiki Master and a Psychic Tarot reader


I have discovered Reiki when a member of my family was going through chemotherapy because of breast cancer, I was amazed with the benefits in coping with the side effects and also the benefits on the mental aspect.

I then studied Reiki and become a certified Reiki Master.

I have helped many people with all different Mind, Body and Soul issues and the feedback I have received has been incredible.

The treatment consists of 45-50 min of Reiki and 10-15 min for consultation.

Come for a Reiki Session and clear any negative energies that are preventing you from achieving your full potential in Life.

Feel Good.

 *DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) Certified

*Member of the Reiki Healing Association

Psychic Tarot Reader

Psychic Tarot- as the name implies consultation of Tarot but with an asset to be with a Psychic where the messages from the spiritual field will be revealed resulting in more information and a wider vision of the issue, you can also receive a message from your Guardian Angel.

I have Psychic Ability and Clairaudient abilities since a very young age, In the pursuit to understand and develop this gift was very fortunate to find a mentor with over 30 years experience who pass me a lot of knowledge and teachings, have then develop my own methods and techniques and studied further, have become a member of the college of Psychic Studies in London (world class college in this field founded in 1884) and attended many courses.

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Any issues you going through I am capable of helping

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